Office Cleaning Services

Whether you’re looking for commercial cleaning or janitorial services, Layon Cleaning will guarantee you his personal attention to make sure you are one of his numerous repeat customers.

Office Cleaning Services in Nairobi covers all your cleaning needs in your office. Thus ensuring that you work in a clean and healthy environment. Office cleaning-stationing and one off. Office cleaning services and commercial cleaning are at the heart of our business. You can call us to provide you with a one-off cleaning service or contract us to undertake regular cleaning of your office while offering other support services.

These other support services include but are not limited to: serving tea; setting up conference rooms for meetings; messenger services; telephone management & reception services; and sanitary waste disposal. Most businesses are hesitant to hire professional cleaning services. Why? Because employees can clean. However, professional cleaners can do a far better job of cleaning and maintaining an office than employees who are not professional cleaners.

Thus you end up with a more professional-looking office. One that is more inviting for prospective clients. Clients who are impressed with the appearance of the company are far more likely to give their business to said company. Than if the office is less than perfectly cleaned. In the long run, this means more business for the company, which makes paying commercial cleaning prices worth it.


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