Commercial Cleaning Services

Loyan Cleaning Services provides the best way commercial cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya. As a professional cleaning company, we are experienced in all disciplines of the cleaning sector.

We have cleaned many different building types like Shopping malls, Schools, Industries, Hotels, Factories and Hospitals. One thing always remains, no matter what the size of the building  the end result is paramount to both Layon Cleaning and the customer. We ensure a quality clean and we do service with professional with passion.

Commercial Cleaning Services Cover:

  • Commercial building of any kind falls within our capacity;
  • Hospitals or clinics, you will see absolute sanitation once we’re finished;
  • Hotels, after we have finished cleaning, will compel people to dine more;
  • Retail stores will see more customers flooding in;
  • Industries will get a boost in productivity once a clean environment is established;
  • Warehouses will see it having more spaces and can store more things.

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